5 Reasons to Apply for a Salem Cultural Council Grant

 1.  We want to fund YOU.

The Salem Cultural Council exists to support you and other members of the community. We are eager to award monetary grants to benefit the Salem community, and we would love for YOU to be a recipient.

2.  You have a vision for what Salem would love.

You live here, or you work here. You see the arts and cultural opportunities that are available, and you have a vision for something you know the community would love to see or experience. Describe that vision in an application, and receive funding to bring it to life.

3.  You see a need that can be met with funding support.

You see a need in the community, and to meet that need, you need funding.
Apply for a grant!

4.  Grants exist to bring opportunities to Salem.

Cultural Council funding is meant to help community members bring new and exciting opportunities to their communities, and we need your help identifying what will be most meaningful for Salem.

5.  Applications are due soon!

Applications are due on Sunday, October 15, 2017. The online application will ask for information about you, your project idea, and how you will bring it to life. Apply today!

Visit SalemCulturalCouncil.wordpress.com or contact salemculturalcouncil.gmail.com.
Application details are available at http://www.mass-culture.org.
Applications must be submitted online by Monday, October 16, 2017.

Photo by Billetto Editorial on Unsplash

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